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9 trainings

Trainings will be conducted under expert guidance of the football coaches working with FC Hajduk and FC Varteks. An intense training programme consisting of nine (9) training sessions. Head coach: Želimir Orehovec (UEFA Pro licence), assistent coach: Antun Jukić (UEFA A licence), 3 coaches from FC Hajduk (UEFA Pro licence), scout: Daniel Pavlović, and with supervision of a physiotherapist.


5 soccer matches

Play against top croatian teams, show your skills and become a part of one. Players from croatian clubs against you... show your best!


Scouts from Hajduk, Varteks and european clubs

Get noticed! Not only will this programme be host to scouts from Hajduk and Varteks, but also to scouts from various other regional football clubs. Show them what you've got and secure your spot on the football fields of Europe!


Accomodation in historical city of Varaždin

Accomodation in modern hostel (3 meals every day, wi-fi, TV) surrounded with unique monumental and historic heritage preserved in the intact and opulent Baroque architecture of the historic City of Varaždin.


Hajduk & Varteks cooperation

Hajduk has signed an Agreement on business and sports cooperation with NK Varteks at their stadium in Varazdin. The contract was signed by the Presidents of the two clubs, Vedran Salamun and Ivan Kos, and the cooperation will certainly focus on the area of the football academies of the two clubs, including work processes with younger categories, education of coaches and scouting.

This is just a continuation and expansion of cooperation, and Varteks has joined numerous clubs with whom Hajduk has contracted a business and sports partnership, all for the purpose of strengthening football development in these areas, which is the common interest of all clubs.



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